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Since 1983, the Madison Watercolor Society has  been dedicated to promoting interest in and elevating the stature of watercolor as a unique and lasting form of artistic expression. 


The Society is committed to providing a supportive environment that encourages the development and enhancement of each member's technical skill and creative journey. Activities include: month member critiques, networking and information sharing, workshops led by nationally recognized artists and regular group exhibitions.


We hope you enjoy exploring the Madison Watercolor Society Website and Member's Gallery and trust that you will appreciate our organization's dynamic strength as evidenced by the rich diversity of visual voices.


Monthly Meetings

    First Tuesday of every month 7 - 9 pm *

            First Baptist Church
            518 N. Franklin Ave.
            Madison, WI 53705
            (Click here or on "Contact" tab for directions and more information.) 

The public is always welcome to visit us! Please note that monthly meetings are set up as “working meetings” for the benefit of MWS members. Nonmembers and guests are asked to silently observe while a meeting is in session. After the meeting, any member would be happy to answer your questions or give you more information about MWS. Or send us an email: madisonwatercolor@gmail.com



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